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Movavi Video Converterبرنامج جيدلتحويل الفيديوبل أنواعه

2011-11-17, 07:53
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Movavi Video Converterبرنامج جيدلتحويل الفيديوبل أنواعه
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مُساهمةموضوع: Movavi Video Converterبرنامج جيدلتحويل الفيديوبل أنواعه   

Movavi Video Converter v10.2.1

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]

Video Converter - multifunctional Video converter, DVD and audio to
more than 170 file formats including high-definition Video (High
Definition Video). There are ready-made presets of popular formats, as
well as the ability to configure the settings manually. Can store movies
and music in formats supported by any mobile devices: Apple iPod, iPad
and iPhone, Sony PSP, Nokia, iriver, BlackBerry, devices with Android
and others. In the presence of a basic set of editing tools, allows to
split, merge, crop, adjust brightness and contrast, apply a logo. Using
NVIDIA CUDA technology is essential to the 8-10 time, speeds up the
conversion of the video. Support Intel and AMD offers high-speed
encoding and simultaneous conversion of a large number of media files.
Has its own media player. With protected DVD can not work.

Extensive Media Format Support
Video Converter supports more than 170 video, audio, and image formats.
High Definition Video Support
Converts to and from high definition Video formats.

Rip Video from DVDs*
Video file Converter rips Video from unencrypted DVDs and converts into
any media format. It features quality loss transference of multichannel
audio from DVD when you rip Video and convert to AVI format.

Movavi offers accelerated DVD conversion with CUDA-enabled GPU — rip Video and convert files from DVD to iPod at 8x the speed!

Soundtrack Extraction
Save soundtracks from Video & DVD.

Frame Capture Feature
Use our Video format Converter to save movie frames into image files.

NEW! Automatic Bitrate Selection
you convert Video to MPEG-4, MPEG 1-2, H.264, WMV, or FLV (with H.264
codec) with the same input and output Video parameters, you can activate
Automatic Bitrate. This feature ensures the best balance between size
and quality for the converted Video by automatically selecting the
optimum bitrate values. If you're not sure which bitrate is the best,
just choose "Auto" bitrate in the Settings window.

Format Settings Adjustment
users are sure to appreciate the manual adjustment of such parameters
of output media file as bitrate, aspect ratio, etc.

Customizable Target Quality & File Size
Our Video file Converter lets you set the quality and size of the output file.

Support for Mobile Devices
Movavi Video Converter software gives you support for the newest, most bleeding-edge portable devices.

Ready-made Presets for Mobile Devices
Video or other media and convert it into the format supported by a
particular mobile device. Just choose the right preset from the huge
variety offered by this Video Converter software

Easily Import Files to iTunes
just great for Video converting, the MovAvi Video Converter software
lets you import converted media to iTunes when you rip Video or audio.

Import Files to PSP
Import converted media to PSP right inside the Video file converter.

Automatic Splitting
Video format Converter includes two splitting modes: size and duration.
Split files into smaller sized files for smooth playing on mobile
devices, split large files into parts for burning to DVD.

Video Adjustment
your Video with easy-to-use editing Video tools: crop, rotate, add
watermark, automatically enhance the Video quality by adjusting the
brightness/contrast and using artistic effects.

Professional Deblocking and Deinterlacing Filters
just great for Video converting, our Video file Converter lets you fix
two of the most common Video problems with these professional filters.

Support for NVIDIA® CUDA™
Our Video format Converter supports NVIDIA CUDA which accelerates Video decoding/encoding with CUDA-enabled GPU by up to 8x!

NEW! Multi-GPU Technology
has implemented multi-GPU technology, resulting in a boost to
conversion efficiency on PCs with two or more CUDA-enabled GPUs. Now,
when you choose a CUDA-powered preset on a PC with two CUDA-enabled
GPUs, MovAvi software can convert two videos at a time.

Support for Multi-core Processors
Video conversion speed gain on PCs with AMD or Intel multi-core
processors equates approximately to the number of processor cores:
convert Video up to 2, 4, even 8 times faster! Enjoy simultaneous
conversion of multiple media files.

Batch File Conversion
Video files and DVDs in batches. The Video Converter software lets you
set the output formats for each file or you can convert all files to one
format at once.

Multi-format Conversion
Movavi's Video format
Converter lets you convert one media file into different formats at
once. To define a format, or special format settings for multiple copies
of one Video file, just use the 'Duplicate' button.

NEW! Integration with Windows Explorer
videos right from the Windows Explorer: right-click on a media file and
choose "Movavi — Convert to" from the drop-down menu.

Video Format Converter Presets
Movavi's Video format Converter features diverse ready-made presets for a wide range of popular media formats.

NEW! Graphic Logos for Presets
software is now even more user friendly: now you can instantly choose
the right preset for your mobile device, just by checking the preset
icon — they all show the devices now! In addition, you can also tell
which presets leverage CUDA technology — and which don't — by CUDA

NEW! Pause/Resume Conversion Controls
Pause conversion
if you have to complete something on your PC for which you need all the
CPU cycles. Just leave the program open and return to it to resume the
conversion whenever you're ready.

Shut Down/Hibernate Options
option lets the MovAvi Video Converter software convert your videos
while you sleep. Just specify what the program should do when the Video
converting process is complete: shut down or go into hibernation.

 الموضوع الأصلي : Movavi Video Converterبرنامج جيدلتحويل الفيديوبل أنواعه // المصدر : منتدياتحلبجةنت // الكاتب: ibn islam


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